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Not One But Three Better Than Risk Free Guarantee’s

You have invested years and years learning your profession. You’ve committed your entire life to the practice of that profession.

It seems only logical for you to want to garner the absolute maximum amount of prestige, respect, profit and long term net worth you possibly can out of this lifetime investment you’ve made. HMA Business Growth Solutions can help you realize enormous gains towards that goal.

1.We will give £100 to a charity of your choice if we waste any of your time

Following our free no obligation initial opportunity analysis meeting we guarantee to give you at least one completely free business profit growth idea without any obligation. If you use our free idea and feel you have not benefited from our advice then to compensate for wasting your time during our initial meeting we will happily, without question give your chosen charity a cheque for £100.

Even if for any reason whatsoever either of us decides not to work together following our proposal you are free to use our ideas in your business however you wish.

2. If your not happy for any reason – we will part friends and you get to keep all of the systems we have implemented.

If following our initial meeting we both decide that we share the same ideals and goals for your business and feel that we can both work together for mutual gain then we will implement the systems and processes necessary into your business. If within the first 45 days either of us feels that the concepts or relationship is not working, for any reason then we do not deserve to serve you and we will cancel the contract immediately and without question or hard feelings. You are free to continue using any of the system we have implemented without charge, for as long as you wish after we have parted company.

3. We will work for nothing until we achieve growth for your business – however long this takes.

We guarantee to increase your profits during our consultancy and training. If we do not meet or guarantee we will work for you at no cost and for as long as it takes to achieve substantial profit increases within your businesses.

One important fact – We are not crazy. Nor are we stupid business people. 

We have every intention of making lots of money for both you and us. Our better than risk free guarantee and the majority of our fee's linked to contingency payments make use work harder and ensure that we are totally motivated to your success.

Don’t call unless you accept these rules.

First, HMA consultants will teach you everything they know, without hesitation, but we will not assuage your ego. We will not tell you what you want to hear. We will tell you what we really believe quickly and candidly. We have no interest in being your “yes” man or your psychiatrist. Our objective is to make both you and us lots of money – quickly, ethically, and with as little risk as possible.

Second, we will not deal with you unless we are confident that you have a quality product or service that is a definite benefit to your customers.

Third, you must be willing to handle dramatic growth. If we apply the systems into your business you must be ready to adapt (with our help) to the increase business.

Fourth, you must have an open mind. If you want pound wasting conventional business advice, advertising, promotion, operations then hire a pound wasting Consultancy Company. There are plenty of them around who will be only too happy to take your money – and teach you nothing. The HMA experience is a whole new ball game. To say our specialists are maverick is almost an understatement. If you can’t handle being unique, don’t play in our pen.

Fifth, don’t contact us unless you are either the owner of your business or are the person who can make the final decisions.

Lastly, you are unimpeachably honest and ethical and your references check out without a blemish. In other words, you’re “rock solid,” and you’ll honor, dutifully, your contract and commitment to pay us when money is due.


Tel: 0845 020 4368

Email: mail@davegrooms.co.uk

Remember -  if we can’t increase your profit margins-

We’ll work for you for nothing until we do.

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